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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, treated like a criminal. the nurse and the organization she works for, doctors without borders, say they deserve better. good evening. kacie remains hospital at a new jersey hospital tonight. she tested negative for ebola. it is the first test of a new quarantine policy now in effect in new jersey, new york, and illinois. anyone who has contact with ebola patients in the hot zone in west africa must be quarantined for 21 days. nbc 10 randy is live at newark airport. randy, what do travelers think of this new policy?
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>> reporter: you know, most passengers we spoke with understood the concern but admit three weeks in isolation, that's a lot to ask for. this policy is affecting some airports that many in philadelphia use as a secondary takeoff point. that nurse has tested negative for the ebola virus yet she remains tonight in a local hospital. at the international terminal, passengers are well aware that a quarantine order had been issued to a nurse from west africa. >> there is one person here with ebola? >> reporter: she tested negative. >> that's good. >> reporter: despite that test, she remains under mandatory isolation, unable to fly home to texas. she was whisked to a nearby hospital and could stay there three weeks. she works for doctors without borders in see arrow lee own and wrote this scathing op ed.
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i've been quarantined in new jersey. this is not a situation i would wish on anybody. i'm scared about how health care workers will be treated at airports. i'm scared that like me they will arrive and see disorganization, fear, and most frightening, quarantine. >> 21 days is a long time. passengers at newark understand her frustration. >> i think that's a long time. if that's what they need to do and it's a necessity, okay, we have to do that. we have to make sure it doesn't spread around her >> reporter: it is part of a plan by new york and new jersey officials to isolate anybody who had contact with the ebola virus even if they show no symptoms. >> we have agreed quarantine is the right way to go. that's our responsibility. our responsibility is to make sure to protect the public health and the people of our state. >> and the logic behind that is the virus can stay dormant for a few weeks. the doctor in new york had
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already ridden the subway and began to do restaurants and the bowling alley before he even went to the hospital. >> and the doctor who contracted ebola after treating patients with the disease in west africa is in isolation at a hospital. he worked with doctors without borders. his fiancee and two friends have also been placed into quarantine and plates spencer has been have been sanitized. one is his apartment in harlem. this is new video of the cleaning crew that spent hours cleaning the space. they removed garbage, sheets, and anything that could carry the ebola virus and cleaned surfaces he may have touch. officials in new york and new jersey say there is no reason for people to panic. >> whatever should happen, make sure people are safe. there are all kinds of rumors
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being spread. i think everything is going to be in the case in the state, new york, and new jersey, period. >> the doctor rode the subway. but they say he had no symptoms and it is safe. the coalition is made up of people and organizations with ties to guinea, sierra leone and liberia. you can count on nbc 10 to address your concerns about the ebola virus. monday morning, two medical professionals will be at the nbc 10 studios answering your questions. if you have a question, go to nbc 10 facebook and look for the ebola q&a section. we'll answer your questions live monday morning from 4:00 to 7:00 right here on nbc 10 news today.
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. we are learning new details about yesterday's deadly shooting at a washington state school. an official says a newly hired teacher confronted the gunman and tried to stop him. that gunman killed a girl and wounded six other students before taking his own life. it happened inside the cafeteria of marysville-pilchuck high school, north of seattle. authorities say they have recovered the gun they believe he used and determined who bought it last. four of the wounded teenagers are in intensive care and being carefully monitored. >> they have a nurse at their bedside constantly. all the neurosurgeons have rounded this morning and will be here rounding throughout the day. but this will be a process it takes. we won't know a lot more for the next two or three days. >> two of the wounded victims are cousins of the shooter. well, imagine the worst that could happen at philadelphia
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international airport. today emergency responders had to pretend a jet filled with people crashed and put their skills to the test. monique braxton is live at the airport. how did that test go? >> reporter: hi, denise. they think the test went well. the federal aviation administration requires the emergency drill every three years. and though today's drill was simulated and staged, according to those who participated, it was a dose the of reality. a helicopter arrives to remove injured passengers. the airbus experienced a mechanic al problem. the jetliner crashed and broke apart. >> it's very important to simulate as much realism as we can to help the emergency responders, ems coming in. it helps with their triage
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capabilities. very important. >> we watched as more than 150 emergency american pell from five counties practiced what could be a real life scenario involving what they call mass casualties. >> we use the term. it's just a drill. for them it's an actual incident. this is a live exercise. >> reporter: the captain said they are testing the region's readiness for an alarm 3 event, the airport's highest emergency levels. >> we're testing a lot of things. our radio to make sure we can all talk to the same frequencies. and the patients are being transported to the hospitals so they can maintain readiness as well. >> any opportunity we have to test our procedures and then look through the evaluation. if we can approve something, absolutely. that's the reason we do it. >> reporter: we asked if they were ready for ebola, they said they are ready for any incident and they are ready to take any
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passenger to a local hospital. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now to our weather. what a beautiful saturday. who would guess it is the end of october. it was warm enough for this little one to play in the water at the the park. this weather not going to last for too long. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here. >> it's a little bit above average, which is 64 degrees for this time of year. today we warmed into the 70s. tomorrow temperatures will drop 5 degrees. 65 will still be nice and comfortable. although our wind speeds will pick up. conditions throughout the rest of the region, currently 59 in the poconos. 64, allentown. 66 in philadelphia. 64 degrees here in atlantic city and in dover. tonight, temperatures dropping down. low '60s by 8:00 p.m. it will still be comfortable
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out. closer to 10:00 p.m., a few clouds out there. temperatures dropping down to 57 degrees. i'll let you know what to expect for the rest of your weekend. we have warmer days ahead in my seven-day forecast. . still ahead on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a fall tradition on the schuylkill. heading to the river for the biggest race of the year. and mansion for sale. the bids are in. see how much this home went for on the auction block.
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one man is dead, another wounded after a shooting early this morning in kensington. police tell us gunfire erupted at 4th street and indiana avenue just after midnight. a 25-year-old man was rushed to the hospital where he died. a second man showed up at the hospital where a leg wound. he's being held by police as a
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person of interest. philadelphia police are also investigating a shooting in queens village. authorities tell us a man was shot at 2nd and carpenter streets before 3:00 this morning. the victim was taken to the hospital. police have not released his condition. there have been no arrests. in northern liberty, the the hunt is on for the gunman who shot a 16-year-old boy. detectives tell nbc 10 an argument sparked that gunfire at 7th and fairmont avenue at 9:00 last night. police say the teenager was shot in the lower back. he is in critical condition. . well, police in new york say a car stolen in the pocono mountains is not linked to alleged fugitive sniper eric frein. frein is accused of killing a state trooper last month. he has been on the run ever since. a 2012 porsche cayman turned up about 100 miles north of the poconos in new york.
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police say it has no connection to frein. . next at 6:00, a main line mansion goes on the auction block. just how much someone was willing to pay ahead. plus, a warm and mild start to your weekend. while let you know that to expect for your workweek in my first alert seven-day forecast. coming up, the eagles have just arrived in arizona. hear from the birds on their matchup with the cardinals. flyers fans will get their first look at the man nicknamed dos.
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what's the truth on taxes? says it's tom corbett who's being dishonest. they say tom wolf has a plan to reduce income taxes for the middle class and cut local property taxes. and tom corbett? it's corbett who slashed education by a billion dollars... ...and now almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. and it's corbett who's increasing gas taxes by 28 cents a gallon. tom corbett. desperate and dishonest.
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♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ the main line mansion owned by the former owner of the 76ers has a new owner tonight. it was auctioned off today. the 10,000 square foot home sits on three and a half acres and listed for more than $6 million.
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today it sold for the bargain price of $2.2 million. the winning bidder's name is not being released. rock and roll fans mourn the death of jack bruce. he was one of the most influential musicians in the '60s. cream sold 35 million albums in two years. bruce wrote and sapg tng the lef most of their songs. he was 71. well, sink your teeth into this. scientists at the university of minnesota have created a new breed of apple. it's a combination of honey crisp and monarch. it doesn't have a name yet. it goes by code nn-55. it is described as a crisp apple but an early bloomer like its
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mama. it won't hit the market for four to five years. . a stream of lava with the kilauea is threatening homes to the big island. the closest is 300 yards away. the people living there left voluntarily because they have horses. the volcano has been erupting since 1983. a chain of hope marks the second anniversary of superstorm sandy. volunteers joined state and local officials and families affected by the storm at a special church service in atlantic city. paint brushes and other tools were blessed at the service and pass from person to person until they made their way to the newly rebuilt home of a sandy victim. philadelphia's largeest regatta is under way. thousands of competitors are taking part in the 44th annual schuylkill regatta.
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they hail from 23 states and six countries. the eagles are back from their bye week. another 5-1 team in the arizona cardinals is awaiting. the eagles have landed in the desert. they arrived at the team hotel within the last half hour. the eagles are anxious to face off against a very familiar foe. >> we played them last year. you know, we watched tape. a lot of the stuff is the same. a lot of concepts are the same. they changed a few things up. you know, we have a good plan. >> we're going against a good team. and that's something that we have respect for. the cardinals are a good team. and we know we have to go in there and execute as players.
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and go in and win this ball game. >> here's your eagles lineup tomorrow. derrick gunn with graham on eagles pregame live at 3:00. get analysis after each of the three-quarters. then after the game, tune the over for eagles postgame live. over to the ice where the flyers have some major injury issues on the blue line. coburn and mcdonald are out four weeks with lower body injuries. but youth will be replacing that experience. called on the kid nicknamed ghost. that is shane in the middle arriving at his new office. the last time he took the ice, he was leading union college to a national championship. he is looking forward to a familiar environment. >> it's a little different, of course. but, again, the locker rooms are the same. people are the same.
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>> when he call and told me you're not going up there to save the team or something like that. or try to do too much. just go up and get quality minutes, get good experience and most importantly have fun. >> you can see that game tonight at 7:00 on comcast sportsnet. they have been camped out in nittaniville with number 13 ohio state tonight. james franklin think the buckeyes haven't really faced a road test yet. his team tries to pull a major upset. >> i do think coming on the road in this type of environment is going to be difficult and is going to be challenging for them. so i would love to see how many times our fans can get them a delay of game, jump offsides or whatever it may be. i know our defense is really looking forward to that advantage as well. >> over to some local college action.
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penns at yale. penns trailing, 15-7. thanks to catches like this one. great concentration here. yale wins. penn 1-5 on the season, 1-2 in the ivy league. argue act taking on alabama birmingham. arkansas with a trick play. check out 350 pounds dappollonia. you can vote next friday the 31st. black borough and esutis. or williams up to and hammond town. you can call or text your vote to 610624-411. it is always featured every saturday night at 7:00 here on nbc 10. that's sports. we'll be right back.
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time to check in with lester holt for what's coming up on nbc nightly news. >> new details on why a freshman homecoming prince opened fire inside his high school cafeteria. why three states have quarantine in effect for certain travelers from west africa. what american doctors are really worried about these days. u.s. marshalls search for fugitives. in one office it's okay to work like a dog because dozens of them work there too. for now, denise, we'll send it back to you. >> thanks. see you in just a bit.
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good evening. as we head into the rest of tonight, mild conditions breezy conditions will return to us. wind gusts closer to 30 miles per hour as we head into the afternoon. average temperatures into sunday. a bit cooler than what we saw today. we have a dry stretch on the way for us. we don't have any rain in the forecast for you for the next couple of days. for philadelphia right now, 66 degrees. humidity is down to 48%. light winds southwest at 9 miles per hour. it's a comfortable evening. in the poconoss, 64. 64 in glass borough. 64 in stone harbor. 66 degrees currently in wilmington. you need a light jacket. a few clouds along the center city skyline. it will be a nice evening if we look at cape may. a few clouds. the sun continues to go down. into tomorrow, a little bit
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closer to average. we'll see clouds increasing a bit into our overnight hours. if we widen out the picture, we don't have a lot of disturbances in our area at all. we have one moving out of toronto. it will stay far to the north of us. that means dry conditions in store as we end your weekend tomorrow. we will see a cold front move through. it will stay relatively dry. we will see windy conditions the rest of your sunday. by late morning, early afternoon hours, you will notice our wind speeds will continue to pick up. 49 degrees. by 11:00, 59 and windy. closer to 4:00 p.m., temperatures pushing into the 60s. 62 and mild by 4:00 p.m. our high tomorrow, mid-60s. partly cloudy tonight. dropping to 48 in philadelphia. 44 for our suburbs north and west. breezy and sunny on your sunday. temperatures range between 62 and 66 degrees.
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don't let the wind catch you off guard. we will see windy conditions on your sunday. similar conditions monday. look at what happens tuesday. mostly sunny. temperatures into the 70s. we stay into the 70s on wednesday. we track showers. mostly sunny on your thursday. and friday, halloween, a little bit cooler, 58 degrees. we drop down even more on your saturday. an effort to hit breast cancer hit the streets of our area today. a thousand walkers took a walk against breast cancer walk in montgomery county. breast cancer survivors and supporters walked to raise money for the american cancer society. october is breast cancer awareness month. a perfect day the to celebrate fall. nbc 10 rosemont holy child fall festival. plenty to do, including games for the kids. steve clark put on a dazzling
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display. he is the guinness world record holder for pumpkin carving. >> i'm impressed. >> three triangles and crooked teeth on mine jack o lantern. >> all right. that's nbc 10 news for now. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. nbc nightly news is next. for news and weather updates any time, head to
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on this saturday night, final moments. new details tonight on what happened right before a high school freshman opened fire. fighting ebola. three states put stricter quarantines in place for certain travelers from west africa. plus, what american doctors say the real threat is. falling gasprices. three words you rarely hear. why is it happening now? and, it's a dog's life everyday at one american office where four-legged friends are welcome as long as they follow the rules. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc